Champur Cuff™ in High Polish

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Sterling Silver Champur Bracelet™


Crafted in Bali, Indonesia

Sterling Silver 925

Fully Finished Gallery Back

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I looked and looked and passed this beautiful bracelet by so many times, thinking it must be too chunky or too pricey, or "not me," etc. Finally one night when the price hit just right, I went for it, and it did not disappoint. It is very flexible, easy to put on, very comfortable, stacks well. Silverwork is a basketweave design. Definitely a statement cuff. Very pleased that I finally took the plunge.


The design and construction of the Champur Bracelet create an almost maleable piece. Yet, the bracelet is sturdy. The construction also makes the bracelet light. It’s really an impressive design.


I had previously passed over this bracelet, thinking it was big and bulky and would be finicky. I missed the mark on that assumption. The bracelet is gorgeous, shiny, very well designed and made, It is flexible and very easy to get on the wrist. Fits true to size and very comfortable. Great piece to stack. LOVE, LOVE! Thanks, Janyl!


This bracelet is my new favourite!
It’s SO gorgeous - timeless & chic - and low-key encouraging me to elevate my everyday look to match its classy, expensive vibe.
It’s a lighter weight-feel on the wrist but by no means slight. There’s a flexibility to it that allows for ease of putting on/taking off, wearing over a sweater sleeve (I’m seeing this fashion trend everywhere at the moment) & stacking with other bracelets. I even managed to get it on my husband’s larger wrist to see how it looked on him (fantastic, but I’m not sharing, lol!).
I absolutely love the mirror-level, high polish shine and deceptively simple-seeming design elements: the woven braid cuff, multiple tiny twisted rings & perfectly smooth spheres. It frames the wrist in a wonderfully flattering way regardless of direction chosen - tip-to-tip or bracelet length facing outward.
Gender neutral, this piece can be worn by anyone, any age, any occasion & any level of dexterity as there are no clasps to worry about. I’ve worn it almost daily since it arrived & I haven’t stopped staring at it or preening because of it yet! It’s truly that “perfect piece” that every Sarda collector needs in their wardrobe, it’s just that good.

Cindy Cox

this bracelet is stunning! I LOVE the fact it can be worn two different ways and is so easy to put on. I LOVE this bracelet so much I am back for a second one. I can use the two of them as bookends and wear other bracelets between the two. Don't hesitate to order this beauty.