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Explore curated collections inspired by artistry and elegance, featuring Janyl Adair's precision, Watermark's fluidity, Chainlink's strength, and Frangipani's tropical charm.

Janyl Adair

Experience the artistry of Janyl Adair with SARDA'S™ exclusive collection. Named after the designer herself, each piece bears her unique touch, crafted with precision and passion. From her pen to your jewelry box, immerse yourself in the essence of her creativity and style.


Dive into a world of fluid elegance with SARDA'S™ Watermark collection. Inspired by the gentle ripples of water, each piece captures the essence of movement and tranquility, adding a touch of serenity to your style.


Bloom with beauty wearing SARDA'S™ Frangipani collection. Inspired by the delicate petals of the frangipani flower, each piece exudes a sense of tropical charm and feminine grace, bringing a touch of paradise to your ensemble.


Wrap your style in elegance with SARDA'S™ Chainlink collection. Each piece intricately weaves together strength and grace, offering a timeless symbol of connection and unity.

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