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Love One Another Ring II™ in Malawi Pink Color Change Garnet

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Sterling Silver Watermark 8X6 Malawi Pink Color Change Garnet Ring™ 1.7 ctw

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  • Total Piece Weight: 7.4 Grams
  • Length: 0.35” x Width: 0.45” x Height: 0.35”
  • Malawi Pink CC Garnet: Malawi, No Treatment, Long Cushion, Concave, 8x6, 1.7 ct (1)
  • Malawi pink garnet is a unique and rare variety of garnet known for its captivating pink coloration. It derives its name from the country of Malawi in southeastern Africa, where it was first discovered. This particular garnet variety is highly prized for its delicate and charming pink hues, ranging from soft pastel pinks to more intense shades with hints of peach or salmon, exhibiting a captivating color transformation from a pink shade in daylight to a purplish-pink hue under incandescent light. Malawi pink garnet belongs to the pyrope-spessartine series and is admired for its exceptional clarity and transparency. Its color is typically attributed to the presence of manganese and other trace elements within its crystal structure. This gemstone exhibits a high level of brilliance and fire when cut and polished, making it a sought-after choice for jewelry enthusiasts seeking unique and elegant pieces.

Malawi garnets, discovered near the Tanzanian border, are known for their deep red color with secondary hues of rose pink and excellent clarity. They exhibit a unique color transformation from pink in daylight to purplish-pink under incandescent light, attributed to the presence of manganese and other trace elements. Garnets are a traditional gift for the 2nd and 18th wedding anniversaries and is the birthstone for January.

Crafted in Bali, Indonesia

Sterling Silver 925

Fully Finished Gallery Back

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Customer Reviews

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Kristen Rice Gragg
Beautiful Malawi Garnet

Wow, wow, wow!! Stunning ring. The color shifts from a pinker shade to a deeper merlot in different lighting sources. Absolutely gorgeous all natural color ring. So happy Janyl has brought us these luxury pieces!