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Customize your look with a bold stack selection. SARDA’S™ various styles of luxury Bangles, Cuffs, Toggles, Lobster Claws, and more. Janyl’s passion for traditional Bali-Made jewelry is clear in all of her bracelets.

Bali bracelets tell a story in modern and antique styles. Our collections feature amazing motifs, including Filigree, Jawan, and Chainlink. SARDA™ designs are simply marvelous to behold. A Luxury bracelet from SARDA™ is an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Our bracelets feature intricate and delicate metalwork, handmade by master silversmiths with decades of experience.

SARDA™ bracelets feature gemstones with brilliance and sparkle in quality cutting. Janyl hand selects the cut, shape, and size of our gemstones. Those characteristics play the most crucial part in the aesthetics of a stone. Gemstone cut refers to how a raw crystal is turned, faceted, and polished.

Janyl Adair Sherman, SARDA’s™ founder, designer and CEO, creates jewelry that is defined by luxury, elegance and quality. SARDA™ is the premier designer of Bali-Made jewelry.

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