About Us

The Designer

Inspired by her family’s roots and the beauty of Bali, Indonesia, Janyl Adair created Sarda — a Balinese jewelry manufacturer. With an unmistakable talent for creating classic, vintage, and clean designs, each collection tells a captivating story about the woman who wears it. While traveling the globe, Janyl personally selects colorful, genuine stones and sets them in handcrafted silver.

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The Craftmanship

  • 1 piece of SARDA
  • 1 Designer
  • 4 Silversmiths
  • 6 Months

Each SARDA piece is handcrafted by our partnered master silversmiths of over 30+ years. Compared to the two-step industry standard, each piece goes through a meticulous six-step polishing and oxidation process to prevent tarnishing. The sheer weight of the silver used for SARDA jewelry is more than triple that of other pieces found in the industry. 

We are known for our 360-degree design that goes into each item. SARDA’s gallery backs take advantage of every inch of the jewelry. Showcasing the stunning craftsmanship and artistry, this reversible effect allows for light to shine through the gemstone to the front, creating a beautiful chromatic sparkle. Unlike other mass-produced gems, every gemstone used in SARDA’s collection of jewelry is uniquely cut by hand and hand-selected by Janyl to collector-quality for each specific piece.