SARDA’S™ Story

The Designer and CEO: Janyl Adair Sherman

After graduating Washington State University in 1994, SARDA™ founder Janyl Sherman took a risk, and left her high-end retail job to pursue a dream halfway across the world. The rest, as they say, is history.

It’s been nearly 30 years since Janyl first stepped foot on the Bali shores. Since that time, SARDA™ has emerged as a premier designer of Bali-Made jewelry. However it didn’t start off with a grand launch or a red carpet.

It started in a truck stop.

“To do this, I let go of my apartment, and moved in with my Dad who was living at my Uncle’s heavy hauling truck station,” Janyl said. “That station where guys slept, they brought in a separator and the guys slept in their trucks. It was like a mud-room, which doubled as my office.”

Janyl would sell her beaded Bali designs at gem shows to make ends meet. Since those days, SARDA has grown tremendously, employing nearly 50 employees from their offices in Puyallup, Washington, and well over 100 worldwide. The care and passion Janyl puts into her designs is matched by the pieces crafted by her artisans. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Detailed Craftmanship

SARDA™ Jewelry Tells a Story

Bali is known the world over for their beautiful jewelry creations. Boasting some of the best artisans and craftsmanship, their handcrafted jewelry is unique, detailed, and of the highest quality.

Beauty is important to the people of Bali, a small island located in Southeast Asia. They value craftsmanship as a gift to their gods, so they put their love and time into their pieces. Oftentimes, Bali jewelry tells a story, and they make this handcrafted jewelry in modern and antique styles. They use amazing techniques, such as Filigree, Jawan, and granulation to craft their designs that are simply marvelous to behold.

Bali jewelry makers use intricate and delicate metalwork, using beads and threads of metal that are soldered together to craft images and patterns that are stunning to behold. When you choose jewelry from SARDA™, you can rest assured you’ll receive an exquisite piece of jewelry handcrafted with love.

  • 1 piece of SARDA™
  • 1 Designer
  • 4 Silversmiths
  • 6 Months

Each SARDA™ piece is Bali-Made and handcrafted by our partnered master silversmiths with over 30 years of experience, who live on site at SARDA’S™ factory. Compared to the two-step industry standard, each piece goes through a meticulous six-step polishing and oxidation process to prevent tarnishing. The sheer weight of the silver used for SARDA™ jewelry is more than triple that of other pieces found in the industry.

Artisan Jewelry at its Finest

Artisan jewelry is simply jewelry that is handcrafted by a skilled craftsman, each custom made and beautiful to behold. Thousands of years old, the practice of making jewelry by hand has been practiced by every major culture into fine designs and patterns adored today. SARDA’S™ handcrafted artisan jewelry is handmade by master silversmiths with decades of experience.

We incorporate a 360-degree design in each piece so you are sure to get a custom jewelry piece all your own. From bracelets and pendants to rings and earrings, there is a piece of handcrafted artisan jewelry that your loved one will love. Great for any occasion and outfit, handmade artisan jewelry is, simply put, divine. Shop our wide selection online today.

Janyl produces roughly 120 new designs each month, drawing them on paper and then working with her artisans to bring her vision to life. From there, it’s a six-month process to produce her pieces. Sometimes even longer, because of Janyl’s exacting standards.

Producing the highest-quality pieces is always at the front of SARDA’S™ mind. “I value the money that the women are spending,” Janyl believes. “My grandma had jewelry that was beautiful and timeless and really investments. To me when I’m buying jewelry, it’s precious sterling silver. I want the quality to back up that those are going to be treasures.”