Held Up in Grace Tip-to-Tip Bracelet™ in Diamond

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Diamond Luxury Bracelet Janyl Adair & Hammered Motif™ 0.06 ctw


Crafted in Bali, Indonesia

Sterling Silver 925

Fully Finished Gallery Back

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Yes, I should have known that diamonds in Janyl’s designs would be beautiful. I admit I was just a tad skeptical, but these diamonds sparkle like crazy! Even though they are small, they still show up, twinkle at you, And make you want more! The design and silverwork on this bracelet caught my eye and I would have bought it unadorned, but the diamonds are the icing on the cake. Thank you one more time JS, for spreading a little happiness.

Tracey Burris

I love the hammered motif and the design with the Diamond in the center is amazing.. It is a very feminine look, which I love ..I just bought my Second one and can’t wait to get it!!! It is also very easy on and off ..


This is my 1st Diamond bracelet ever and it couldn't be from anywhere else but Sarda. The cuff is so full of details and yet the Diamonds shine through the intricacy in this piece. The pictures don't do justice to this piece, that's why I've recorded a quick video to share the lovely details with you.

Kathy H.

I was torn between two bracelets and chose this one, I am so glad, I love it, while it has the Adair the hammered makes the Adair and diamond pop. Love it!!

Beverly Hance

I love the look of this cuff. The hammered motif with the Adair motif on the sides which has a surprise in the middle, a diamond!
The diamonds are white and sparkly!
I hope they will bring this bracelet/cuff in a larger size like the did the Adair diamond cuff.